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Demagé are a duo based in Western Sydney, Australia. The duo combine vocals, guitars, a loop pedal and stomp boxes to develop their unique live sound. After the release of their debut EP titled “We Will Meet Again” (2017), the duo have been working harder than ever to develop their signature sound. Demagé are consistently complimented on their versatility through ranges of genres.


Demagé were performing on Carnival Cruise Lines in the USA where they have travelled to places such as: Alabama, Seattle, Orlando, Alaska, Miami and the Caribbean. 


In the last nine years the duo have played around 1100 gigs all across the East Coast of NSW including the Sydney Royal Easter Show. Demagé have opened for acts such as Baylou, Karise Eden & Dean Ray.


The duo’s newest single  'Quiet' (May 2020) was a step out of the comfort zone to make something more true to the duo's passion for integrating their love of country music and pop music alike. 'Here's To Us' (Nov 2019) is a song truely adapting their current style and really points in the direction of which they plan to go for the remainder of the album. ‘Realign’ (Jan 2019) this single is a combination with heart-breaking lyrics contrasted through the melody of the song.

‘I Don’t Mind’ (Aug 2018) was the first single released since the duos debut EP ‘We Will Meet Again’ Feb 2017. This single infuses the genres of country, folk and pop and introduces a new sound for the duo.

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